General Health

Problem Solution
Yeast Infection Yeastrol (Yeast Infection Relief)
Nail Fungus ZetaClear (Nail Fungus Relief)
Genital Warts Wartrol (Genital Warts Relief)
Boils BoilX (Boils Relief)
Hives OxyHives (Hives Relief)
Hypo-active Thyroid Thyromine (Thyroid Health Supplement)
Smoking Smoke Deter – Helps kick the smoking habit
Genittal Herpes Herpeset (Genital Herpes Relief)
Joint Pain Eazol – Natural relief of aches and twinges
Bladder Flotrol (Natural Bladder Control)
Low Health & Vitality HGH Energizer (HGH Energizer Pill)
Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Hypercet (Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Formula)
Joint Trouble Joint Advance (Joint Health Formula)
Insomnia Melatrol (Natural Sleeping Aid)
Weight Gain Muscle Advance (Protein Nutritionals)
Lungs Nicocure Lung Health (Lung Health Formula)
Body Support Omega 3-6-9 Support
Diabetes Optimum Diabetes (Diabetes Health Supplement)
Stress, Anxiety RestoraMAX (Stess, Anxiety & Weight Loss Formula)